This is a Reconstruction

Co-produced with MayDay Theatre

Role: Deviser, Performer


When: August 2012 & Jan 2013

Where: Oxford House Theatre & Camden People's Theatre, London

What: Following a rehearsal and development period at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, I worked closely with the company in drafting venue applications for programming opportunities. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the company secured programming and I spearheaded marketing as well as elements of production coordination. 


In a darkened room centuries from now, five women show you something they shouldn’t: The final
moments broadcast on 21/12/12, just before the apocalypse. There are no reruns, there is no next
episode, this is the final scene and the closing credits are drawing near. This Is A Reconstruction is a funny and earnest exploration of how we experience the news that disaster is (probably) imminent. Tune in, sit back and join us for the end of the world. An apocalypse is a terrible thing to waste.

Nicely impious… A funny, talented all-female cast… - Everything Theatre

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