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Dead Wait

Created with Block Stop 

Role: Creative director & Producer

When: July & August 2014

Where: Soho Theatre, Pleasance Edinburgh & The Vaults

What: Ilayda was part of the team who co-produced the show from the ground up - including all elements of research and development, narrative creation, game design, writing and submitting funding applications to Arts Council England, press & marketing, casting and production coordination.  



Sarah Parker wakes up in an empty room. She has been kidnapped. Your role is to guide her to safety, through a maze of escalating challenges and difficult decisions.


In this one-player game, you watch the action from Sarah’s point of view and communicate with her through a headset. It is up to you to guide Sarah through the narrative. Your objectives are clear: Get her out alive. Save the others. Catch the kidnapper.


With no pause, reload or extra lives, how will you play the game?



Design & creation - Ilayda Arden, Oli Back, Melanie Grossenbacher, Daniel Thompson

Technical operation - Oli Back, Xander Edwards

Performed by -  Ilayda Arden, Navinder Bhatti, Melanie Grossenbacher, Louie Keen, Daniel Thompson

"Intense, innovative and skillfully executed" - Fringe Biscuit

"Chillingly impressively done immersive experience" - Pleasance Times

"You come away with your heart pounding" - The Metropolist

Dead Wait Trailer

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