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Private Hire Experiences

Created with Block Stop

Role: Game/Event Designer

What: Engaging Interactive experiences for private parties and business events. 


Engaging interactive experiences for private parties and businesses which will make your event stand out. Whether you're looking to bring colleagues together, create a unique party or mark a special celebration - we can bring the fun and make it memorable.

From intimate pub-based parties to city-roaming adventures, we provide exhilarating experiences PLUS each game is personalised to ensure we fully engage your guests.

Delivered by professional actors who improvise responses to your gameplay, every game is dynamic and entirely unique!

“... best of all it was tailored to my likes and memories which made it feel very special” Pete Easterbrook, A World of You

“You knocked it out of the park; delivering a tailored, varied, fun, interactive experience”
Joe Cunningham- Of Plagues, Deception and Other Things

“Our away day was brilliant - perfectly pitched and paced and so clever, it was a great way to bond a new team” - Coram Shakespeare Schools Festival

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