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Oscar, give me a Reality Check

As the worlds most wealthy, attractive, in-demand stars assembled in jaw dropping red carpet outfits to celebrate accomplishments of the film industry, I lay hungover & half naked in bed spooning guacamole into my mouth, wondering why I haven’t achieved their level of success.

Then it occurred to me that actually it doesn’t matter too much cause in my life there are a thousand other tiny successes that I couldn’t put a price on; the wonderful friendships and family bonds, the joys of working your ass off to see an idea from your brain become a reality; the knowledge that even without wealth, fame and global glory you can still fucking have a burning fire in your heart for the things you’re passionate about.

I dunno, I guess what I’m saying is I sort of think the oscars are an impossible arena of bollocks and that if you’re in any way neurotic it can be easy to feel like you’re not good or successful enough when you watch stuff like that. Ambition is good and striving for success is important, but honestly, it’s also nice to be grateful for what you have rather than constantly yearning after the things you don’t.

And I’m glad Olivia Colman won.


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